Astral Solitaire

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Astral Solitaire

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Astral Solitaire is a golf like solitaire game. With a retro/sci-fi style, your goal is lead your spaceship to the flag.

You'll win when you had cleared almost all cards on the tableau. If a card is either one rank higher or one rank lower than the top card, you can move it from the tableau.

For each card moved, your spaceship take one step. If you can't move any card, click on the stock to receive a new one, but then all enemies will take a step. Use your gold (diamonds) to buy more health, bullets and shield. Shop special cards to improve your gameplay experience.

Use right-click to toggle sound fx, music and quality.


- Fun golf like solitaire
- 25 levels
- 5 unique enemies
- Lots of power-ups (Special cards)

Movement: mouse

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